Japan: PS3 closes gap on Wii, 360 sales on the rise

Media Create data for the week ended February 22 in Japan has revealed that Sony’s PlayStation 3 console is continuing to narrow the gap between itself and the Wii, with sales of Nintendo’s machine continuing to decline on a weekly basis.

PS3 notched up 16,149 sales, very nearly surpassing the Wii, which shifted 16,973 units during the same period – the consoles lowest weekly performance to date. Are the tides about to turn in Sony’s favour? Only time will tell.

Thanks to the release of Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope, however, Xbox 360 managed to outpace both machines, selling over 25,000 units. Elsewhere, DSi and PSP continued to slug it out for first place, selling 41,839 and 29,552 units each, respectively.

See below for a full chart round up.

DSI/ 41,839
PSP/ 29,552
Xbox 360/ 25,334
Wii/ 16,973
PS3/ 16,149
DS Lite/ 9,975
PS2/ 5,029