Japan: PSP back on top

PSP is continuing to leave footprints on the shiny new face of Nintendo’s 3DS in Japan, with Sony’s handheld once again beating its leading competitor in the weekly hardware race.

Despite its popularity having waned in the west during the last year or so, PSP continues to pull in the punters over in Land of the Rising sun, shifting 76,974 units during the week ending May 1. 3DS, by comparison, sold 28,413.

Elsewhere, PS3 managed a close third place with 23,954 units sold, trumping the Wii, which moved 10,889 units.

Check out the full numbers below, courtesy of Nintendo Everything.

PSP – 76,974
3DS – 28,413
PS3 – 23,954
Wii – 10,889
DSi LL – 9,235
DSi – 7,584
Xbox 360 – 4,082
PS2 – 1,582
DS Lite – 319
PSP go – 251