Jet Set Radio release date announced

SEGA has staple-gunned a September 11 U.S. release date to its upcoming HD makeover of Jet Set Radio.

That’s for PlayStation Plus subscribers though, so everyone else will have to wait until September 18. Xbox 360 and Steam users will get it on September 19.

Those of you who are looking to pick up the game on PlayStation Vita can mark October 16 on your calendars. All dates pertain to the North American release, though we imagine the PAL launch will follow the next day.

The graffiti-spraying Dreamcast classic will set you back $9.99/800 Microsoft Points.

Jet Set Radio was originally released back in 2000 and turned heads for its vibrant, cel-shaded visuals and accessible, arcade-esque gameplay. The HD re-release incorporates a host of new features, such as online leaderboards and a new camera system.