Joe Danger dev: ‘Don’t ever piss off PlayStation fans’

Fans of the 2010 racing-platformer Joe Danger were happy to receive a sequel, Joe Danger 2, a couple weeks back. That is to say, Xbox fans – after months of silence, not a single detail on the PlayStation 3 version was dropped by indie developer Hello Games, and the game’s Xbox release date came and went with nary a peep on when PlayStation fans would receive the same content.

The silence has been broken, and Hello Games announced earlier today that Joe Danger 2 will launch on PlayStation Network very soon. Managing Director Sean Murray elaborated on the PS3 delay and silence in an interview with Eurogamer, and professed to never stay so quiet with PlayStation fans again. "I mean, they made Joe Danger and Hello Games a success. We owe them everything," Murray said. "So many times over the last few months I wanted to scream ‘you’ll just have to wait a few weeks, and you’ll get the final version’, but instead we couldn’t say anything."

The silence required of Murray and Hello Games was largely due to the timed exclusivity agreement that comes with publishing a game on both Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. For a couple weeks, at least, Murray’s hands were tied with regards to giving PlayStation fans an update. Now that the contractual smoke has settled, Murray has words of wisdom for other indie devs: "Let’s just say if there’s a piece of advice I would now give to every developer in the world, it’s don’t ever piss off PlayStation fans," he proclaimed. "They are a force to be reckoned with!"

Now that Joe Danger 2: The Movie is finally coming to PSN, will you forgive Hello Games and pick up this action-packed romp? Let us know in the comments.