Journey development is now complete

ThatGameCompany has confirmed that development on PlayStation Network-exclusive adventure Journey has wrapped.

The game has been in the works for around three years now, though those of you waiting for a release date will have to sit tight until Sony decides when to cut the apron strings.

Studio boss Jenova Chen took to Twitter to announce the news: “Three years is a long time when you finally finish something and look back [and say], ‘What have I done in the past three years?’" he said. "Hope it’s worth it."

Quizzed by fans on a release date, Chen offered: "Sony’s working on [a date]" but that there are "quite a few big releases coming up". "Once Sony figure out the right time, they will announce it. I assume pretty soon.”

Journey sees gamers pairing up to venture across a desert to a distant mountain, with your partner be a randomly-determined player imported over PSN. How you work together and accomplish your goals is up to you.

ThatGameCompany previously worked on PSN classics Flower and Flow, both of which went down a storm with game critics.