Journey may join Flower and Flow on PS4

Nathan Gary, the Creative Director of Sony Santa Monica, recently released a series of pictures on Twitter of his PlayStation 4 connected to a television running four different games.

The games that were running on the PS4 include Flow, Flower, Escape Plan, and Journey. Three out of the four of these games have already been announced to be coming to the PS4, but Journey comes as a bit of a surprise. To date, Journey has yet to be given a formal announcement as far as its relations to the PS4 are concerned, but the picture below (tweeted by Nathan Gary) suggests that the announcement might be coming soon. It does seem likely that Journey will make an appearance on PS4 as its predecessors Flow and Flower are already among the PS4 destined.

Are you excited about the prospect of Journey making its PS4 debut? Out of the four games discussed here, which one are you most excited to play on PS4? Let know in the comments section below.