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Jurassic Park: Survival Announced For PS5, Is A First-Person Stealth Survival Effort Developed By Sabre Interactive

jurassic park survival ps5

After what feels like 65 million years, a new Jurassic Park game has been announced and will release on PS5. Developed by Sabre Interactive, Jurassic Park: Survival takes us back to the once idyllic island of Isla Nublar, but this time puts us in the shoes of Dr. Maya Joshi, an entirely new character created for this game that was unable to extract after the disaster chronicled in the first movie.

A single-player survival focused adventure with cinematic flourishes, Jurassic Park: Survival is shaping up pretty nicely and if it even gets somewhere close to being Jurassic Park on Alien: Isolation, I for one, shall be very, very happy indeed.

You can catch the synopsis and trailer for Jurassic Park: Survival below.

“Return to Isla Nublar the day after the events of the beloved 1993 Jurassic Park film in an original adventure 65 million years in the making. Survive thrilling first-person action as InGen scientist Dr. Maya Joshi, who was unable to evacuate Isla Nublar, in this single-player action-adventure game and discover a never-before-told story. Through thrilling encounters, experience the wonder and danger of dinosaurs, each with their own distinct and adaptive behaviors brought to life by John Hammond’s vision.

Adventure through a fully realized Isla Nublar filled with reactive wildlife, dinosaurs, and other surprising threats. From the iconic towering park gates to the Visitor Center and beyond, Jurassic Park comes alive like never before. Outsmart, escape, and interact with the film’s iconic dinosaurs. Use your ingenuity through distraction and stealth to navigate intense and unforgettable encounters in a journey to outlast some of the deadliest creatures to ever walk the earth.

Explore the park and face its dangers. Use all the resources at your disposal to find intelligent solutions to endure the many threats lurking on Isla Nublar.”

Jurassic Park: Survival does not yet have a release date.