News Tokyo Game Show [TGS] 2008

Katamari creator’s PS3 title to appear at TGS?

Kotaku is reporting that Nobi Nobi Boy, the mysterious PlayStation 3 title from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahahi, will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show next week.

Very little is known about the game. Videos shown thus far involve a creature composed of two heads linked by an elastic, hose-like abdomen, herding and swallowing various farmyard animals. Frankly, we’re a bit scared.

Still, we can hardly expect conventional projects from Keita Takahahi, whose brilliant Katamari games charge the player with building a giant rolling ball out of sundry everyday objects, from pencils to entire buildings.

Nobi Nobi Boy is being published by Namco Bandai, with a release date still to be decided.