Katamari Forever rolling onto PAL stores this autumn

Namco Bandai has confirmed that ball-rolling phenomenon Katamari Forever will be gracing Sony’s PlayStation 3 across European territories this autumn.

This PS3 exclusive outing boasts "the largest collection of stages, modes, songs, and cousins to date,” in a Katamri game, and features a swanky new watercolour art style. As for the game’s story, we’ll let the press blurb do the talking:

“A terrible event has occurred causing the stars to disappear from the night sky and the King of All Cosmos to fall into a coma," it states. "The Prince must use his finely tuned Katamari rolling skills once more to re-create the absent celestial bodies, save his royal father and restore order to the Cosmos."

Expect glorious 1080p visuals, a remixed soundtrack plus local cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Sounds like a winner to us.