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Kenny Omega Reveals AEW Game Will Include Campaign And Multiplayer, Is Hopeful For 2021 Launch

The upcoming AEW video game will feature a host of features including a full campaign and multiplayer mode, as well as the ability to create your own wrestler. However, it’s now been confirmed it won’t General Manager Mode.

That’s according to Kenny Omega, executive vice president of All Elite Wrestling, who revealed in a new interview with IGN Japan that he joined AEW on the condition that he would be involved in the gaming division of the company.

Omega revealed that the AEW video game is targeting a 2021 release, but nothing has been set in stone just yet.

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I can say right now that we’re not sure of how many wrestlers will be available upon release, but one thing I can say is that the number of wrestlers in the AEW is growing all the time, and the roster of wrestlers in the game will reflect that. There will be a campaign, and various other unusual modes, and you will be able to edit your own wrestler, too.

I don’t want to rush it, so I don’t want to make a promise [regarding the game’s release date]. I want the release version to be good.

Elsewhere, Omega revealed that he has been influenced by a variety of classic retro wrestling titles from the 1990s and early 2000s, which will in turn shape the direction of his new projects. He name-checked the likes of WWF No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling that have many fans in the US, for example.

Unsurprisingly, he also said that he’s not looking to compete with existing WWE titles.

My plan is not to compete with WWE and that style of games. Those games try to re-create the look of a WWE wrestling match as you’d see it on TV, and their system is to use mo-cap for capturing the moves. I always felt that the way that Geta had created his systems, even though it wasn’t with real people in mo-cap, it was more accurate.

The AEW video game has yet to attract a concrete release date.

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