Killzone 2 beta to surface in ’08

Killzone 2 — it’s the game that dropped all our jaws with it’s impressive unveiling at E3 ’07. With unparalleled graphics, an innovative first-person cover system, and promise for an addictive online mode, what’s not to like? The big question remains though – when will we finally get to play it?!

One already known fact is that gamers will get their paws on an online beta before Killzone 2’s official release. Guerilla Games’ lead tester, Seb Downie, confirmed that fact earlier this year on Killzone 2’s official forums:

"Of course there is going to be a public beta. I have always said that any game that has an online mode needs to go through a public beta to ensure it works as intended," asserted Downie.



His statement spawned news articles across the internet that the Killzone 2 Public Beta might be available in 2007. However, that turns out not to be the case. contacted a SCEA Spokesperson to get an update on the situation.

"We are hoping to do a beta but I don’t think we’ll have anything ready before this year is over… it is something we are working on for next year," he wrote.

This quashes earlier rumors which suggested that it would indeed be available in time for the holidays. However, he prompted us to "keep in touch [as] we’ll have more soon."



Our expected release date for the full title lies sometime within the mid to late ’08 time frame, based on it’s full support of PlayStation Home (which has been delayed into 2008) and its beta release next year.

Stay tuned to as we’ll have a full-fledged feature on Killzone 2 early next year. Prepare yourselves.