Killzone 2 to feature bots, will receive co-op post-launch

Today is a Sunday, that much is sure. The Leipzig madness has come to a halt, and there’s absolutely nothing going on. We’ve dug into the depths of last week to find a piece of news we missed, and surprisingly, this seemed to be the only one.

Killzone 2 will have bots. Pretty exciting stuff, eh? They’ll be available in both offline and online matches, with an adjustable difficulty level to boot. What won’t in be present in multiplayer (initially) are vehicles. They’re already in the single-player campaign, and are set to be patched into multiplayer after the game’s launch. Another aspect that will be added in post-launch is campaign cooperative play. It’s unknown whether this will be a paid add-on or a free addition (or if it’ll be online co-op), but Guerrilla did offer some free DLC for Killzone: Liberation on the PSP. Whatever the outcome, we’re glad it’s coming in some form or another.

Killzone 2 will be available in February 2009.