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Killzone: Liberation Is Free To Claim On PS5 And PS4 If You Picked It Following The 2011 PlayStation Network Hack

Anyone who was using a PS3 or PSP back in 2011 won’t soon forget how the PlayStation Network was hacked that year, an event which saw the network being out of commission for 23 days.

In an attempt to combat player outrage over the fact that 77 million accounts were compromised in the hack, PlayStation offered players their pick of some free titles, allowing them to grab two PS3 games and two PSP games out of a list of titles.

Included in those titles was Killzone: Liberation, a PSP title that was also added to the PS Plus Premium catalog for June. However, if you selected Liberation back in 2011, you can also claim it for free on the PlayStation Store today for PS5 and PS4.

Spotted by Wario64 on Twitter, even if you don’t remember selecting Killzone: Liberation, it’s worth looking it up on the PlayStation Store to see if you can grab the classic title for free.

A top-down shooter, Killzone: Liberation was the first time Guerilla’s shooter franchise had been brought to a handheld device, before it would happen again on the PS Vita will Killzone: Mercenary.

Source – [Wario64 on Twitter]