Killzone Mercenary: every deployable VAN-GUARD weapon revealed

Yesterday, I had the chance to go hands-on with Killzone: Mercenary – the upcoming PS Vita-exclusive FPS from Guerrilla Cambridge – and came out impressed. The game hopes to live up to its console predecessors with eye-popping graphical fidelity and the weighty, realistic combat that Killzone fans demand, but what I think makes the game special is its new content – the things we’ve never seen in a Killzone game, until now.

Among these additions are VAN-GUARD deployable weapons. These eight items run the gamut from heat-seeking missiles to remote-controlled drones and radar jammers, and (like all of Mercenary’s equipment) can be purchased for use in single- and multiplayer with points earned from either. Some of the devices even make use of PS Vita’s unique control features, but there’s one thing that all eight share: VAN-GUARDS are game-changers, and he who controls these powerhouses will dominate the battlefield.

Here is a full list of the eight VAN-GUARD weapons that will change the rules when Killzone: Mercenary launches in North America on September 17. Sound off in the comments with your favorite from the list, and let us know if you’re excited for Guerrilla’s first PS Vita title.

Manty’s Engine – This remote-controlled drone can be piloted in first-person and flown freely behind enemy lines, where it’s bladed arms make the perfect tool for stabbing Helghast soldiers in the neck.

Porcupine – A shoulder-mounted homing missile that should make short work of entrenched enemies.

Sky Fury – This airborne targeting system reveals enemy positions and allows you to devastate each with simple touch screen taps that unleash orbital strikes.

Arc Missile – Not unlike dreaded Arc Cannons, the Arc Missile differs in that its electric projectile is ground-skimming and tracks the nearest enemy.

GHOST – If the Helghast Ninjas from Killzone 3 gave you a hard time, join them! This stealth camouflage effectively makes the user invisible for a limited time, but the effect will fade while firing bullets.

VULTUR – This aerial drone acts much like UAVs in Call of Duty, highlighting enemy positions (and equipment pickups!) on your radar.

X3-JMR – As an electronic jammer, the X3-JMR makes a mockery of enemy radars, hiding your position and preventing "support calls" (presumably, air-based VAN-GUARD deployments).

Carapace – The last in the list of VAN-GUARDs is perhaps the biggest game-changer of all. Carapace will erect a shield in front of the player that absorbs most kinds of damage, effectively flipping the switch on front-facing God Mode. However, the shield will disappear while firing any weapon.