Killzone NGP in "good hands," says dev

Guerrilla Games has moved to assure Killzone fans that the in-development NGP entry in the sci-fi –shooter franchise is in “good hands.”

According to senior producer Steven Ter Heide, the pint-sized Helghast blaster is currently under hammer and nail at Sony Studios Cambridge. Guerrilla will however, still be chipping in to "oversee" the project given its close ties with the brand.

“Our sister studio in Cambridge is doing that,” he told Gamerzines.

“We’ve been working with them very closely for a couple of years now. They’ve been helping us develop actual Killzone content for all the games.”

“We feel like the game is in good hands. We’ll still oversee it because the universe is something we’ve built up, we know the war and the rules that have been established, but they’re driving the development.”

Killzone joins a number of triple-A franchises making the jump to Sony’s new handheld, including Resistance and Uncharted, which are being handled by Nihilistic Software and Sony Bend, respectively.