Killzone: Shadow Fall impressed Sony enough to make it PS4 reveal centerpiece

It has come to light that Killzone: Shadow Fall was not always going to be the headline title at the PlayStation 4’s reveal in February. When NowGamer spoke to Eric Boltjes, lead designer at Killzone: Shadowfall’s development studio Guerrilla Games, it was revealed that the game impressed Sony enough that it was made so, and it also seems that Guerrilla won influence with their parent company.

The revelation came when NowGamer asked Boltjes if Guerrilla felt the pressure of knowing that their title would be put to the forefront of the PS4’s reveal at the PlayStation Meeting in February. Boltjes explained that the studio had not always expected the game to carry that importance.

"We started working on the PS4 title and it became that good that they wanted to make it the centrepiece, which is very flattering. But once we knew that, it brought a lot of pressure."

He continued by explaining how the studio received "a lot of support and a lot of patience from Sony." Boltje claims that Sony has even taken their advice on board. "For example, the controller, we were actually involving in developing the controller as well. We gave tips like hey, can you make the triggers bigger and stuff like that." This might not have been the case had the game not been of such clear importance to Sony.

Killzone: Shadowfall will be one of the PS4’s first-party launch titles. Take a look at the lengthy 21-minute gameplay showcase.

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