Killzone to receive continued support on PS3, says Guerrilla

The Killzone franchise will still receive continued support from developer Guerrilla Games on PlayStation 3, the studio has confirmed.

Speaking at a GDC panel this week (via IGN), art director Jan-Bart van Beek revealed the company has three new projects in the works, one of which includes a fresh IP.

Outside of this, the newly-assimilated SCE Studio Cambridge is currently working on a Killzone game for PlayStation Vita.

Finally, there are plans to continue the Killzone IP on PS3, though whether this means a full-fledged sequel or downloadable content for last year’s Killzone 3 remains unknown.

Guerrilla recently released Killzone 3’s multiplayer component as a separate download via PlayStation Network.

Stay tuned to for more of the company’s future plans as they come to our attention.