Kingdom Hearts 0.2: How to complete objective 44, Treasure Hunt in the Forest of Thorns

You’ll need to beat the game, load your subsequent save file, and return to the Forest of Thorns before this objective will become available to you. Because of that and the zodiac chests, which do not appear until you have finished the game, none of the Treasure Hunt objectives can be completed until the post-game. This guide will cover where you can find all the initial treasure chests, found in the main game.

For the zodiac chest locations, please see our guide for objective 43.

There are 10 chests to find throughout the Forest of Thorns (not counting the zodiac chests).

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#1, Uncertain Path


#2, Uncertain Path; Near the beginning, ride an ivy branch up and jump across to a nearby platform.


#3, Rocky Path; Destroy red vines near the save point to find the chest.


#4, Rocky Path; Past the first Darkside, jump onto a platform to the left, destroy red vines on the right, jump across to the chest.


#5, Rocky Path; Past the second Darkside, on a high-up platform to the right. Must jump from the center area and dash to reach it.


#6, Rocky Path; Behind the third Darkside.


#7, Rocky Path; Just past the second darkside, climb the ramp to its left. Go to the end and look right. You’ll see red vines with a chest behind it. Destroy them, then jump over.


#8, Rocky Path; Past all three Darksides, follow a short fork down to the left from the main path.


#9, Rocky Path; Turn 180 degrees from chest #8, head toward the circular part of the map. Take the lower path, and look for a small drop-down.


#10, Rocky Path; Just before where the Terra and Ventus illusions appear at the end of the Rocky Path, take the path to the right.