Kingdom Hearts III trailer: 90 seconds of new gameplay

The latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III is live, and the whole Keyblade-wielding world is now blessed with footage shown exclusively to D23 Japan Expo attendees over the weekend.

In this trailer, which follows E3 2013’s sparse reveal, we see Sora, Donald, and Goofy engaged in strikingly familiar combat with Heartless enemies like the Large Body and Shadow in Kingdom Hearts II’s Twilight Town. Sora unleashes a few Fire spells before launching into three-to-four-hit Keyblade combos. The action is definitely reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts II’s pacing and spectacle.

Later in the video, we see what appear to be two different summons that, in a twist for the series, appear to be based on Disneyland attractions. The locations aren’t easy to make out–the Pirate Ship gameplay reminds me of Birth by Sleep’s Radiant Garden, while the Rock Titan fight looks set in the canyons outside the same city.

Regardless, the visuals are poetry in motion. The lighting and shadows in Twilight Town are memorable enough, but the close-up of Sora’s face on Big Magic Mountain? Chills.

Peep the video below and give us your take in the comments. Eager for Kingdom Hearts III? Were you expecting more changes, or is this sequel heading in the right direction?