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Krafton Adjusts Its Target Stock Prices Due To The Callisto Protocol’s Slow Start

Striking Distance Studio’s debut title The Callisto Protocol was made possible through the support of Striking Distance’s parent company, Krafton.

The PUBG studio paid approximately 200 billion won ($162 million USD) across three years, though now that The Callisto Protocol got off to a rocky start, Krafton is forced to make adjustments.

After The Callisto Protocol failed to wow players and critics alike at launch, the game’s slow sales have caused Krafton to lower its target stock prices, according to the latest report.

Krafton reportedly expected The Callisto Protocol to sell through 5 million copies, though now doesn’t seem hopeful it’ll reach 2 million copies soon.

There is still more to come from Striking Distance Studio in terms of support for The Callisto Protocol. There’s more DLC slated to arrive through to the summer of 2023 currently, including new story content.

Whether or not that is the bump it needs to reach Krafton’s expectations in terms of sales, remains to be seen.

Source – [K-Odyssey]