L.A Noire: An exclusive detective thriller for PS3

Brendan McNamara is the former Director of Development for SCE's Team Soho Studio in London and the writer and director of The Getaway, a very popular PS2 franchise in Europe. About 19 months ago he left SCEE to form a new independent studio in Australia with a staff of six people and called it "Team Bondi".

Soon after the new company was formed, it was announced that they had begun work on their first project for "a next-generation Sony platform." Last month on the company's website, it was revealed that this project is titled "L.A Noire" and that it'll be one of the three exclusive titles Team Bondi will be creating for the Playstation3 console in the coming years.

Not much is known about the game at this point except that it'll be a "Detective Thriller" and Team Bondi will use a workforce of around 100 or more people to make sure the game looks and feels like a next-generation title. McNamara's previous project on the PS2 console, The Getaway, has sold up to 4 million copies to this date.