Lair goes Gold

Development of Factor 5’s upcoming PlayStation 3 title Lair is now complete, with the company revealing the game is now entering manufacturing stages in preparation for its impending North American release on August 14th.

"For us, there’s still a bit of work to do, as we have localisation to finish up for Europe, Japan, Korea, and more, which will all hopefully follow very soon," said associate producer, Ryan Hamlyn, speaking on Sony Computer Entertainment America’s official blog. "Once those are out, our leaderboards will truly be global, and then we can see once and for all who the best Lair players are out there! The gauntlet has been thrown, and North American players are getting Lair first, so don’t give that advantage away”, he added.

Lair is one of most crucial PlayStation 3 releases thus far, taking full advantage of the systems innovative Sixaxis technology and graphical capabilities. Waging war on the back of a huge, winged Dragon players will have to master the intuitive motion and fluidity of the Sixaxis to guide the colossal beast as you reign down destruction upon your foes. With intricate, sprawling environments and a host of special effects including HDR lighting, Lair is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases for Sony’s next-generation console of the year.

Expect a full review here at PSU next month.

Source: Eurogamer