Lanie’s AAAAH!CTOBER Fest: Let’s Play The Evil Within #1

Following on from our pilot episode of the new PlayStation Universe video show, Off Topic, we’re kicking off October with a series of spooky-themed, downright scary Let’s Play videos to celebrate the witching month of Halloween.

In this first episode, resident video host Lanie Hyatt dares to pick up the DualShock 4 for a terrifying journey into The Evil Within, the psychological survival horror game from the twitsted mind of Resident Evil creator, Shinki Mikami. It’s so scary even Sony admitted to having to turn it off!

Lanie admits she’s petrified of horror games. In fact, she started playing The Evil Within months ago but within five minutes she was too spooked to continue…until now!

Give her some support as she braves the dark once more, and stay tuned for more Let’s Play videos throughout October.


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