Lara Croft to get extreme makeover for new Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics’ new Tomb Raider videogame will see a reinvention of the Lara Croft that we’re familiar with after the developer admitted that the sultry heroine needed modernizing for its latest adventure.

Speaking with Edge, studio boss Darrell Gallagher said: “A reboot for us felt like the necessary thing to do. Lara had hit her apex in how she was before, and we didn’t really feel we could take that any farther.”

In the new Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics admits that it’s taken some risks by changing some of the dynamics of the game that have been a regular feature in past Tomb Raider title. The new Lara Croft, for instance, will be more combat-orientated than her past character, while some of the features in the game, such as a skill system and the ability to fast travel, will make an appearance in the franchise for the first ever time.

“It was a chance to look at everything again, bring new people in who had been interested in the franchise before but didn’t feel like Lara was modern enough,” Gallagher told the online magazine.

“We wanted to take risks. We felt like we’d done some really great games after inheriting Tomb Raider from Core [Design], and one of our goals now was to do something that people didn’t expect, that felt fresh. [The series] is a sacred and fragile thing, but you have to go for it. You’re not going to make it sacred again unless you make that big leap,” Gallagher concluded.

Tomb Raider began to lose its appeal as soon as Uncharted Drake’s Fortune turned up. In the new game, Crystal Dynamics hopes that a younger, more aggressive Lara will attract a new legion of Tomb Raider fans. Let’s hope the studio’s right.

The Tomb Raider reboot wil be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. A release date has yet to be confirmed.