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Larian Studios Future Updates To Baldur’s Gate III Could Include New Races

Baldur’s Gate III is one of the most popular games from this year and it was the pick to be Game Of The Year during this year’s Game Awards.

With a community that’s growing each day more players pick up the game, players both old and new are constantly asking about what’s next from the studio, and what does the game’s future look like.

During a Twitch livestream on Xbox’s official channel, writing director Adam Smith confirmed that “We [Larian Studios] do plan to do more updates, we’re not done yet.”

What’s more curious though is that Smith left the door open for Larian to add more races players could choose to start with.

“We don’t have specific plans for new races at the moment, but we’re not saying no.” said Smith.

Baldur’s Gate III is already a vast and expansive world that allows players to interact with it on levels that have truly been innovative on Larian’s part.

The race you choose at the beginning of the game informs so much of how characters you meet will interact with you, so adding new races could create an entirely new layer of experiences for players.

Source – [Retbit]