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Larian Studios Reveals More Than 1.3 Million Players Have Completed Baldur’s Gate III

Baldur’s Gate III launched in August on PC, and then later in September on PS5, and within that short month it became known as not just the best game this year, it is being regarded as one of the best games ever, setting a new standard for RPGs.

One particular stat that perhaps exemplifies this most, is the fact that Larian Studios confirmed that more than 1.3 million players have completed the game.

That might not appear like a staggering stat to display, but in today’s industry where you’d be surprised as to how few players actually do see a game through to its credits, it’s quite the impressive stat.

Other impressive statistics include that 1.24 million players have successfully turned themselves into a sentient wheel of cheese.

Elf is the most popular starting race among players, and the total playtime globally for Baldur’s Gate III is 452,556,984 hours, or 51,662 years.

You can check out the full list of stats Larian revealed, below.

Source – [Larian Studios]