Latest PS4 themes and PS3 themes hit PlayStation Store

The North American PlayStation update this week brings with it a host of new dynamic and static PS4 and PS3 themes.

Though there are a couple of themes available for $1.99, most of the themes this week will cost $3.49 and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

You can view all the themes via the PlayStation Store.

PS4 1 Bunnies of War Dynamic Theme $3.49

PS4 1 Clan Spec Ops Platinum Skull Theme $3.49

PS4 1 Dynamic Death Dealer Theme $3.49

PS4 1 Dynamic Gangsters Theme $3.49

PS4 2 Dynamic Death Dealer Theme 2 $3.49

PS4 2 Dynamic Flame Skull Theme $3.49

PS4 2 Dynamic Vampire Theme RD 2 $3.49

PS4 2 Dynamic Wraith Lord Theme $3.49

PS4 2 Laser Cat Dynamic SP Theme $3.49

PS4 3 Dynamic Death Dealer Skulls Theme $3.49

PS4 3 Laser Cat Dynamic WB Theme $3.49

PS4 3D Blue Dragon Dynamic Theme $3.49

PS4 3D Dynamic Dolphins Theme $3.49

PS4 3D Dynamic Galaxy X Theme $3.49

PS4 3D Dynamic Humpback Whale $3.49

PS4 4 Dynamic Vampire 4 BL Theme $3.49

PS4 5 Dynamic Death Dealer Theme 5 $3.49

PS4 5 Dynamic Vampire Theme $3.49

PS4 8 Death Dealer Dynamic Theme $3.49

PS4 A Blue Abstract Dynamic Theme $3.49

PS4 A Bulldog UK Dynamic Theme $3.49

PS4 A Dynamic Galaxy Theme S $3.49

PS4 A Dynamic US Eagle Theme $3.49

PS4 Akari Anime Dynamic Theme $3.49

PS4 Akie Anime Dynamic Theme $3.49

PS4 Alia Banewulf Sci Knight Theme $3.49

PS4 Anime Sniper Dynamic Theme $3.49

PS4 Assassin Dynamic Heng Theme $3.49

PS4 Assassin Dynamic Lyn Theme $3.49

PS4 Assassin Dynamic Michael Theme $3.49

PS4 Attack of The Zombies Dynamic Theme 1 $3.49

PS4 Attack of The Zombies Dynamic Theme 2 $3.49

PS4 Attack of The Zombies Dynamic Theme 3 $3.49

PS4 Beach Dynamic Theme $3.49

PS4 Blood Face Theme $2.99

PS4 Bread N Butter Theme $1.99

PS4 Cat Dynamic Theme F1 $3.49

PS4 Dynamic 3D Wireframe Theme $3.49

PS4 Dynamic Bear In Stream Theme $3.49

PS4 Dynamic Bear Panda Theme $3.49

PS4 Dynamic Death Skull Theme $3.49

PS4 Dynamic Horror Zombie Girl 1 Theme $3.49

PS4 Dynamic Horror Zombie Girl 3 Theme $3.49

PS4 Dynamic Skull Pirate $3.49

PS4 Dynamic Undead Pirates Theme $3.49

PS4 Flaming Skull Dynamic Theme 2 $3.49

PS4 InFAMOUS Second Son Theme $1.99

PS4 InFAMOUS: First Light Theme $1.99

PS4 Shadow Mission Dynamic Theme – Full HD $2.99

PS3 1 Remix Cow Dynamic Claus Theme $3.49

PS3 3D Dynamic Meteor Theme B $3.49

PS3 3D Dynamic Meteor Theme P $3.49

PS3 A Dynamic Fighter Theme 3 Remix $3.49

PS3 Aiko Dynamic Theme $3.49

PS3 Akie Dynamic Theme $3.49

PS3 Grimm Fairy Tales Comic Book Theme – Zenescope $1.99

PS3 Zenescope Grimm Fairy Tales Theme $1.99

Check out what else is available in this week’s PlayStation Store update, and check out our PS4 themes and PS4 themes gallery.