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Layers Of Fear Is Getting A Free DLC Chapter This Month

Bloober Team’s latest brand new Layers Of Fear title will be getting a free chapter of DLC arriving on October 24, 2023 on PS5.

All those who own a copy of Layers Of Fear will be able to check out the DLC after its revealed through what’ll likely just be an update, and its release coincides with the studio’s own birthday.

“Bloober Team is excited to announce that a new and free chapter will soon be released for all Layers Of Fear owners,” said Bloober Team in an announcement on the game’s official Twitter account.

There’s no exact details about this coming chapter, but it’s teased to have something to do with film, as Bloober Team ends the announcement by saying “Lights! Camera! Action!”

A screenshot from the DLC also shows what looks like a small movie theatre room, and someone appearing to be stabbed in the film.

With the DLC ready to arrive before the end of the month it’ll be right on time for Halloween, and it’ll be interesting to see what it adds to the game.

Source – [Bloober Team]