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A Leak Points To A DualSense Firmware Update Application For Windows & Mac Coming From PlayStation


A DualSense firmware update app for both Windows and Mac devices is coming from PlayStation, its been leaked.

The leak came from directly from PlayStation, as what looks like the page you’d go to if you wanted to download the app went live earlier than it should have been.

Preserved through a Google cache, you can see the site for yourself, here. It outlines a service agreement you would need to agree to prior to downloading on your device.

Though this news came a little early, that doesn’t lessen the fact that it is great news for those who use their DualSense controllers with other devices.

This’ll mean that those who want to use a DualSense for their PC can, and keep the controller up to date without needing to have a PS5 to go with it. Something that is imperative for the PC audience Sony is currently trying to garner.

Source – [Reddit]