Leaked details on PlayStation Home Beta

Leaked videos of PlayStation Home v.0.83 have just hit YouTube, showing off all the latest additions to Home including; functionality with in-game PSP, bubble machine items, chess, Home theatre, and more.

The first video is an introduction showing off a few new places in Home as well as the In-Home game Chess. The first place the player visits is a clothing store called "Threads" where players can purchase clothing items for their character. While the current clothes in the store are free, having a "checkout" and "confirm transaction" screen makes us believe some clothes will eventually cost money.

After leaving Threads, the player moves upstairs to the chess tables and briefly shows how gamers will participate and play Chess.

The video ends with the player entering a store currently called "Home Stuff", where at this time no items are available. Our guess is that "Home Stuff" will be the store where gamers can purchase specialty items like the recently revealed bubble machine.

Moving on to part 2. The next video shows Home’s use of the in-game PSP. Using the functionality of the Home PSP, players will be able to access such things as:

Community (Message of the Day, News, Handy Links, etc)
Help (First time in Home, Character Customization, Moving to new locations, Your Home Space, and other step-by-step guides)
Communication (phone a friend, accept call, reject call, etc)
Game Launching (Create a game, Join a game, View Player List, Cancel game)
Locations (My Home Space, Home Square, Game Space, Home Theatre, Market Place, Owned Spaces)
Settings (Themes (skins), Pop-Up Colour, sound, chat window, controls, communication)
Personal (Go to Wardrobe, Redecorate Home Space, My Inventory, My Purchases, My Profile)

One thing that’s interesting about the Create-a-Game menu is that when selected it seems to pull up a list of games that the player may own. The list from the video includes such games as Call of Duty 4, Virtua Tennis 3, SuperStar Dust HD, Motorstorm, Flow, and a few others. Are these games already using Home integration or can Home use any game you own for the PS3?

The last video in the series shows off a few new things including the new bubble machine and Home Theatre. The player begins showing how to access items and interact with them in the world. In this case the bubble machine.

Moving to the Home Theatre, the player brings up the in-game PSP once again, showing how players can create game sessions, in this case Call of Duty 4. Whats interesting is that while in Home, players can choose how many player slots they want available as well as private slots. When the game creation process is finished, a controller icon appears above the players head and a message pops up stating:

"Session Created
Players may now join your game. You may hide this window and re-open at any time from the Game Launching Menu in the PSP."

With rumors of the Home Public Beta launching this month, it shouldn’t be too long until everyone can get their hands on this spectacular multiplayer world. Stay tuned to PSU for all your PlayStation Home news.