LEGO Dimensions PS4 starter pack priced £99.99, additional packs cost £14.99 upwards

 Following the announcement of LEGO Dimensions, Amazon has put the Starter Pack up for pre-order at the grand old price of £99.99 for the PS4 version.

The PS3 version comes in a little cheaper at £89.99, while additional Level and Fun packs will cost upwards of £14.99.

The LEGO Dimensions starter pack will include three minifiguirines, Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle, as well as a Batmobile vehicle and the LEGO toy pad which is needed to transport figures into the game.

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack PS4

Level packs will cost £24.99 and will include three LEGO builds: one characters and two vehicles. Current packs on offer include the Back To The Future LEGO Dimensions set which includes Marty McFly, a Hoverboard and the Delorean Time Machine.

The fun pack is cheaper at £14.99 and includes two LEGO builds: one character and one vehicle. For example, the LEGO Movie Fun Pack includes Benny and Benny’s spaceship.

Better get saving folks!

Check out the new LEGO Dimensions trailer and further details here.