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Life Is Strange Remastered Update 1.05 Out Now, Brings 60 FPS To PS5

Deck Nine has rolled out the Life Is Strange Remastered update 1.05 patch notes, which as previously reported, comes with 60 FPS support for PS5 owners.

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  • PC – Ultrawide Monitor Support
  • Xbox – Episode 5 Audio/Screen issue
  • Xbox and PlayStation – Gen 9 60 FPS
  • Stadia, PC, and PlayStation – Soft Lock pressing Y button
  • Xbox – Collectible Mode Episode 5 issue

In addition to the above additions, Deck Nine is also busy investigating the following issues with the game:

Before the Storm: Remastered

  • PC – Joyce Purse Potential Blocker
  • Stadia – Potential White Screen instances
  • All Platforms – Visual Character Deterioration Fixes

Life is Strange: Remastered

  • Xbox – Potential Crash instances
  • · (PS4/PS5) Graphical corruption occurs at the edge of the screen fix
  • · (PS4/PS5) Solar Flare causing graphic corruption on Main Menu fix

Life Is Strange Remastered Collection was released on February 1, 2022 and features spruced up versions of the original Life is Strange and its prequel, Life is Strange Before the Storm.