Linkin Park and Medal of Honor: Warfighter team up for epic score

If you’re a dedicated shooter fanatic, you already know that EA is bringing Medal of Honor: Warfighter to consoles and PC this holiday season. What you didn’t know is that hugely-successful alt-rock/rap band Linkin Park is collaborating with Danger Close Games on Warfighter, contributing new music to the game and tying gameplay footage with a project of their own.

First off, Linkin Park’s co-producer and co-lead vocalist Mike Shinoda is composing "powerful, original in-game scores" that "will add depth and emotion to an already intense gameplay experience." In addition, the upcoming music video for Linkin Park’s new single "CASTLE OF GLASS" will feature gameplay footage from Warfighter, alongside the usual live action stuff we expect from music videos. "CASTLE OF GLASS" (available now off Linkin Park’s LIVING THINGS album) examines the life of a soldier and the sacrifices he and his family must make. At least the song’s thematic elements are a perfect fit with Medal of Honor.

This tie-in could also hint at narrative threads of loss and sacrifice in the game itself, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this partnership in the comments below. Will Linkin Park’s musical involvement make you take a second look at Warfighter?

Via press release