LittleBigPlanet level pack coming Dec 18

Sony has today confirmed that the first full content pack, rather than just costumes for Sackboy, will be released this Thursday, December 18 and will be available on the Playstation Network Store until January 8.

The "Festive Level Pack" will cost $3.00 to download and will include a number of Christmas-themed items, including the "Wrapping Paper" Create Material, and a "Festive Sleigh" and "Holiday Light" object. They’ll also be two new costumes, including the Christmas Tree headpiece and a Wrapped Sackboy, in addition to six new decorations and some festive stickers.

The "Festive Level Pack" will be the first of many, say Sony. No doubt we can expect new packs to crop up around ever major event in the calendar. Valentine’s day next then, eh?