LittleBigPlanet patch coming "soon"

We’re sure many of you have noticed by now that the Play. Create. Share. feature in LittleBigPlanet has remained in a deactivated state since the game’s release last month. Understandably, punters are starting to get a little miffed over the subject, prompting this thread over on Sony’s official European messageboard.

According to Media Molecule’s Community Manager, Sam_Protagonist, this and several other online features have yet to be activated due to stability issues. We’ve included his exact quote below.

"It’s not exactly broken, but it is deactivated at present.”

”Until we’re happy with server performance we’ve switched off a few online features, Play Create Share scoring being one, in order to help the service to remain stable. The good news is that we’re not far from reaching stability, so expect this to return soon. As soon as there’s an exact date for its return I’ll let you know."

In a gaming environment that revolves around the idea of a vast community, it’s quite disappointing to see that certain online features promised with the release of the game are still yet to be activated. While we’ve thoroughly enjoyed LittleBigPlanet here at PlayStation Universe, the server stability shouldn’t be an issue considering the amount of copies the game has sold thus far.

Sam_Protagonist does say that the team is close to having a stable community, but the title has been out for over a month now in North America. This is something that should have been rectified quickly.

We’re probably not alone, but it’s frustrating to watch developers release a product with the hopes of fixing issues as they go via patches. While patches serve as a great feature for gamers across the board, at what cost are they costing us truly finished titles on release day?