LittleBigPlanet release month confirmed

After the disappointing news that Killzone 2 will be pushed back to February of 2009, it comes as a sigh of relief to learn that LittleBigPlanet is still on schedule. Expected to release in October of this year, Media Molecule and Sony have confirmed at today’s event that the game will meet its target release date.

This user-content driven title has been on many people’s radars for the past couple of years and has been very highly anticipated. With a lot of the bigger titles seeing more than a couple of delays throughout their development, LittleBigPlanet seemed to push forward without much of a hitch. The game will play host to a strong physics environment unlike any ever seen before it and will give its users an unlimited amount of gameplay to enjoy, so long as they have an internet connection and are able to download new environments from other users.

If anymore information or updated news is released on LBP today, we’ll be sure to update you guys as it happens.