LittleBigPlanet UK design-a-level contest unveiled

Time to dust off those long-forgotten artistic tendencies! Eurogamer and Gamespot have teamed up with Media Molecule to throw a LittleBigPlanet level designing competition.

In addition to getting your work featured in one of this season’s tastiest videogames, there are copies of LittleBigPlanet itself, a couple of 80GB PlayStation 3s, T-shirts, SackBoy dolls and other merchandise to be won – but only if you live in the UK. We knew there was a reason not to emigrate.

To enter, you need to download a level creation kit (essentially a parcel of templates plus handy guidelines), clump together a work of staggering genius and upload it at either site’s competition page. The judges will narrow the list down to twenty entries, and users will then be able to vote for the winner.

Successful candidates will be invited to Media Molecule’s London studio in mid-October to meet an LBP community manager, who will help them make their dream a reality. Or virtual reality, even.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over there and flex those creative muscles. And if you DO happen to walk away with the gold, how about embedding the PSU logo somewhere in your masterpiece? Go on – we’d do the same for you.