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Loot Gaming – December 2017 unboxing

loot gaming december 2017

We've recently signed up to Loot Gaming, the service where you get a mysterious box turn up in the post each month full of gaming collectibles.

The postie must still be catching up after Christmas as ours as only just arrived, so here's what's in the Loot Gaming - December 2017 edition.

First up, is a Call of Duty WWII t-shirt. The artwork on the front of the shirt shows a trio of soldiers standing on a tank. It's a good quality t-shirt, and you get a t-shirt in each of the boxes so you can choose your size when you sign-up.

loot gaming call of duty

Our favourite item is the Bioshock Big Daddy Vinyl figure. It's approximately four inches tall armed with the drill from the series, and looks cool sitting on our gaming shelf with our other collectibles.

loot gaming bioshock

Next up is a whistle from Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. It comes in a box labelled with the game’s name, and has the Wolfenstein logo on it. It also works perfectly well as a whistle, which in the game is used to summon Liesel the dog.

loot gaming wolfenstein 2

Next up are two items from Gears of War. First up is a plushie toy based on the Bolo Grenade from the series. The cat loves it.

loot gaming plushie

And, then we've good this pin badge (no idea why it says November 2017 on the packaging), but it’s pretty cool especially if you collect these type of badges.

loot gaming pin badge

Finally, the Loot Gaming December 2017 package is complete with a striking poster for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, which you can whack on your bedroom wall, or maybe the front door to keep unwanted callers away.

loot gaming poster

This is our second Loot Gaming package, and it's been good fun so far opening each box not knowing what we're going to get! For more information about the various Loot Gaming crates, check out the official website.