Lords of the Fallen boss battle guide: How to defeat First Warden, the first of Rhogar Lords

Looking rather like an unkempt version of God of War’s Kratos — had he been stuck on a desert island for a few years without a razor — The Lords of The Fallen’s anti-hero Harkyn is a fearsome-looking dude. With a stone-cold expression, that’s most probably been numbed by his past sins, he casts an imposing shadow over his enemies with his hulk-like frame.

But, looking hard isn’t everything especially when you’re facing one of The Lords of The Fallen’s rock-hard bosses. The first boss battle that players face is against ‘First Warden’. To defeat him watch the video below or follow these simple tips.

Class used: Warrior

– Keep your distance and be prepared to roll out of the way of his sword slashes with the left analog stick and ‘X’. You just need to bide your time.

– Watch out for when he lunges towards you and be prepared to roll out of your way.

– As soon as you see him draw his sword up over his shoulder, you can get a bit closer as he will then send it crushing into the ground where it will get stuck for a short time. You will have a few seconds to attack while he is disabled. Use your heavy attack for the most damage. Repeat over and over again.

– When you’ve depleted around half of his health, watch out for his pirouetting manoeuvre. Keep your distance and get ready to roll out of the way.

– Remember to use your health potion by pressing square if your health is low

Follow these simple rules and he’ll be down within five minutes. Watch the video below to see the strategy in action…

Stay tuned for more boss battle guide from The Lords of The Fallen, which launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 28 in the U.S. and October 30 in Europe.