Lords of the Fallen – First 10 minutes walkthrough video

If you’re wondering whether to pick-up Deck13 Interactives’ new Dark Souls-inspired hack-and-slash action RPG, then this video may help you make up your mind.

Lords of the Fallen is released in the US on October 28 and Europe on October 30 and features Harkyn, a convicted convict who is seeking redemption. Set in a fantasy world, horrors aplenty await as Harkyn seeks to destroy the ferocious creatures that stand in his way.

With a tactical-based combat system and plenty of RPG features, including extensive customisation, levelling and skill trees, Lords of the Fallen isn’t for the feint-hearted. But those who persist will be richly rewarded.

Here we show you the first 10 minutes of the game, which ends just as you’re about to fight the first boss. To see the boss battle in action, check out our boss guide video.