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Lords of the Fallen PS5 Currently Runs Better Than Xbox Series X In Performance Mode

Digital Foundry has scrutinised fantasy-RPG Lords of the Fallen on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and it seems that Sony’s console has the advantage when running the game in Performance Mode, at least for the time being (things could change in future patches, after all).

Based on the first few hours of play at least, it does seem PS5 has the advantages overall when running on Performance Mode.

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Lords of the Fallen was released for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S last month, and you can read our full review on the game here. Publisher CI Games announced that the fantasy-RPG had sold over one million copies in 10 days, while Hexworks has been busy patching the game since release, including rolling out New Game+ options and Cross-Play for consoles.

Yesterday a new patch was released that included over 100 significant tweaks and improvements for Lords of the Fallen, which you can read more about here.