LucasArts still hopeful for PS3/360 Indiana Jones game

LucasArts has said it remains optimistic over the possibility of an Indiana Jones title appearing on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, despite the most recent offering, Staff of Kings, having been scrapped Sony and Microsoft’s latest home consoles.

Some of you may recall an Xbox 360 version popping up at E3 2006, though the game ultimately failed to see the light of day. According to voice director David Collins, however, the decision to scrap the “next-gen” versions of the game materialized last year, with the firm instead concentrating on Nintendo Wii.

“Well we did actually show at one point, in fact I demoed it, a 360 version a few years ago. Honestly we just had to make some really tough decisions as a company. A lot of it was timing. A lot of it was financial. The good news there is that the Wii is just a really great fit for Indiana Jones, and what we saw was an opportunity to move forward on a platform that just worked really well with the Wii Remote as a whip,” said Collins, during an interview with VideoGamer.

“So, we made that tough decision last year, and put all of our energy towards the Wii and the other platforms as well in order to make those the best that they could be and bring those to market in a time that made sense, which in this case is 12 June 2009.”

Despite this, Collins assured PS3/360 owners that the company is “investigating new ways to bring Indiana Jones to market”.

“I can say just as a follow up to that, that Indiana Jones as a brand is incredibly important to us, and will continue to be. It’s one of our core franchises. While we don’t have any announcements at this time about the 360 or PS3 or other consoles besides the ones that we’re talking about today, we’re always investigating new ways to bring Indiana Jones to market.”

When asked specifically whether or not this meant there was still hope for Indy cracking his whip on PS3/360 at some point in the future, Collins replied, “There’s always hope. We’re always going to be making Indiana Jones games and Star Wars games. This go around we really decided that the Wii was the right way to go, and make a game that was really compelling with the Wii Remote, and utilises the same storyline.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more info as it becomes available.