Lumo PS Vita launches; free if you own PS4 version

Rising Star Games’ isomectic puzzler Lumo is now available to download on PS Vita via the PlayStation Store.

If you already own the PS4 version, then the PS Vita will be available for free courtesy of cross-buy promotion.

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Lumo PS Vita release date confirmed

Lumo takes its inspiration from old-school arcade-adventure games from the 80s. Players are tasked with exploring different worlds and moving through different rooms collecting coins and trying to solve puzzles. Lumo’s features include:

  • Four zones with 450 rooms
  • Six mini-games to unlock
  • Dozens of secret rooms and hidden paths
  • An old school mode, and time-trial mode

Watch the Lumo trailer


In our Lumo review, we summed up the retro-style puzzler by saying: “Lumo might not be perfect, but in resurrecting a very specific sort of puzzle adventure that the industry has seemingly forgotten, Gareth Noyce’s heartfelt love-letter to the past succeeds in weaving a yarn which manages to feel both fresh and compelling at the same time. This is the isometric platform puzzler you never knew you wanted.”

Check it out next week on the PlayStation Store.