Madden 17 release date incoming: first reviews are out

The Madden 17 release date has been locked down as August 23, 2016 on PS4 and Xbox One, and we’ll have our Madden 17 review ready for your shortly.

Improving on Madden 16, new Madden 17 features include presentation updates such as improved audio, authentic broadcast cameras, and a more in-depth analysis from the commentary team.

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The first Madden 17 reviews for PS4 have gone live, and include some decent scores, including:

IGN – 8.6/10
Gamesradar – 4 out of 5
US Gamer – 8/10
Twinfinite – 8/10

Watch the Madden 17 trailer.


On the pitch, Madden 17 has received some notable changes. Among the upgrades are:

Ball carrier special moves
Tying in with the individual player’s style and rating, ball carrier special moves bring with it a host of new animations. EA says that “NFL: Bruising backs have better trucks & stiff-arms while smaller backs have better jukes & spins and all are new animations for Madden NFL 17.”

Tackle battle interaction
When ball carriers are tackled by one or more defender, a short quick-time event will be triggered with players having to press corresponding buttons. Whether you wriggle out of the tackle or not will be determined by your player’s rating.

new Madden 17 features

Upgrades to special team system
Get ready for the three-click kick meter. On your first press the meter will begin, the second press will determine the power, and the third will set the accuracy of the kick. There’s also a new block kick mechanic.

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Gap play
All-new gap play AI brings a new level of strategy. EA explains: “Each of your teammates has a gap assignment on run defense that puts them in position to better defend the run. Force defenders protect the outside of the field, pushing the ball carrier back inside allowing cut back defenders to make the big play.”

Zone Coverage
Defenders will be more aware of following patterns and creating the right counters. There are a total of eight new zone concepts not previously seen in Madden before.

Madden 17 release date – August

These are just a few of the new Madden 17 features, but expect a whole raft of enhancements over Madden 16. With the Madden 17 release date looming, stay tuned for our Madden 17 review shortly.