Mafia 3 PS4 trailer showcases mob rackets

 A brand new Mafia 3 PS4 trailer gives us an insight into how the game’s main protaganist, Lincoln Clay, dismantles mob rackets in the upcoming gangster action game from 2K Games.

Set in 1968 Bordeaux, the gameplay trailer showcases some of the criminal enterprises that ply their trade in the city, and how Clay deals with them.


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In recent weeks there’s been a few Mafia 3 trailers released, including:

Introduction to Irish gangster, Thomas Burke

Clay cleaning up the vault at the Federal reserve

Mafia 3 family kick-back trailer

Mafia 3 PS4 is currently in development at Hangar 13 with a release date of October 7, 2016. It’s also due to launch on Windows and Xbox One.