Mafia II Director’s Cut will whack your PS3 for a cool $30

Mafia II is joining the PlayStation 3’s Greatest Hits line-up, 2K Games today announced.

This $30 re-release is labelled a Director’s Cut, as it contains the original game, the three downloadable add-on packs — the "Betrayal of Jimmy," "Jimmy’s Vendetta," and "Joe’s Adventures" — and four "style" packs. The four style packs — Vegas, Renegade, Greaser, and War Hero — were previously exclusive to specific retailers. Each contains two new cars and suits for in-game use.

Why can’t we all just get along?

In our review of Mafia II, U.S. Editor Adam Dolge called Mafia II "an epic adventure with a story that rivals some of the best mobster movies."

Mafia II Director’s Cut is out now at select retailers, with additional availability coming next month.