Manhunt 2 Cheats

Relive Scene:

Beat the game to unlock this additional option, which allows you to replay any stage from the game, including the bonus stage, Hidden Therapy.

Bonus Level:

Beat the game to unlock this additional stage with Leo.

Gun Executions:

Approach your enemy from behind and then hold R1. When red, hit the Square button.

Familiar Face:

Firstly, head to the door where the guard will inform you that he cannot let you through, as you are not a familiar face. Turn back, go off the stage and then climb the steps to your left. Next, go up the stairs here until you reach the top; there is a case attached to the right hand wall in the hallway, which contains an axe. Use this weapon on an opponent or dead body until you decapitate them, allowing you to pick up the head. Finally, head back down to where the guard is, and equip the severed head as a weapon. You can now head through the door by pressing the action button.