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Marvel Heroes Omega refunds granted by PlayStation EU

marvel heroes omega refunds

Marvel Heroes Omega refunds are being dished out by PlayStation EU following the closure of the servers this week. Whether this offer extends to North America is currently unknown.

The Marvel Heroes Omega servers were shutdown on November 28 after Disney - who own the rights to the Marvel franchise - severed ties with developer Gazillion Entertainment.

Kotaku claims that a source within PlayStation Europe will be refunding any purchases made in-game from August 21, and those affected will receive a mail about it shortly.

“PS Europe are now refunding Marvel Omega purchases from 21st August onwards, full refunds, back to payment method where applicable. People should be getting emails about it today if they sent a request in. Better get ’em in quick because I don’t know if there’s a closing time on requests,” reads the statement.

Marvel Heroes Omega had a lot of potential. The free-to-play MMORPG launched in June this year and allowed players to step into the role of their favorite super heroes and villains.

Following release, fans became concerned after promised updates never arrived alongside additional content that was apparently on the road-map. On Thanksgiving Eve, Gazillion laid off all of its staff.

If you're hoping for Marvel Heroes Omega refunds on the content you've purchased, keep an eye out on your email. We're expecting an official announcement from PlayStation shortly.