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Marvel Rivals, An Overwatch-Style 6v6 Shooter Has Been Revealed, Will Reportedly Be Coming To Consoles

Marvel Rivals is a new Overwatchstyle 6v6 hero shooter, except the heroes aren’t all brand new characters, but legacy Marvel heroes.

It’ll be a free-to-play shooter from Marvel Games and NetEase, and is the game that Marvel teased would be announced just yesterday.

Interestingly though, there was no indication that Marvel Rivals will be coming to PS5, PS4, or any console for that matter.

The reveal trailer only lists the game as coming to PC, being available through both Steam and the Epic Game Store.

That being said, there have been reports the game will also be coming to consoles, it just seems that NetEase and Marvel Games weren’t ready to showcase the console versions today.

Ross’ comments compound with a report from Forbes on Tuesday, which also pointed to a console version of the game coming.

What’s more is that in the game’s official Discord, under the FAQ regarding where Marvel Rivals will be available to play, Marvel Games and NetEase confirm they are “Actively exploring potential releases on other platforms. Keep an eye out for further announcements as our universe expands!”

There’s also the reality that Marvel Rivals is a free-to-play, online multiplayer shooter, the exact kind of game that needs as big a pool of players as possible.

Limiting that pool to just players on PC isn’t likely part of the strategy, especially when considering the global reach Marvel characters have. It would be very surprising if it didn’t arrive on consoles at all.

The only thing to remember is that we don’t know which consoles it’ll be coming to. So players on PS4 might be in jeopardy of being left behind, as the industry continues to move away from previous-gen releases.

Source – [Miller Ross on Twitter, Forbes]