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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Not Going To Feature Microtransactions

Those of you worried about microtransactions seeping into Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy can rest easy, as Eidos Montreal’s upcoming superhero title will not feature them. This is obviously not the case with Marvel’s Avengers, which was packed with them being a live service game.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will feature unlockable costumes for players to earn, but they are obtained the old-fashioned way by simply playing the game. There are, however, a series of outfits that are earned by pre-ordering the title.

Square Enix unveiled Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy during its press event yesterday, where it confirmed the game will be a narrative-driven adventure featuring the likes of Star Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot, Rocket and Mantis.

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be released for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One on October 26, 2021.

[Source – Push Square]